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Fill in the questionnaire on your smartphone
and shorten the wait in the queue

Please fill this form before comming to the hospital to speed up your admission.

What is a triage?

To protect patients and staff, hospitals carry out a so-called triage, or sorting patients according to the risk of infection. The patient will provide the medical staff with information about their health condition and recent contact with potentially infected people, or visiting risk areas. The healthcare professional will assess the risk of the patient becoming infected with an infectious disease and send the patient to the correct ward in the hospital accordingly.

How Smart Triage works?

Smart Triage speeds up the process of filling in the entry questionnaire and thus reduces the time of contact of medical staff with the patient and thus reduces the risk of infection. Our application offers a contactless process of transferring personal information.

  1. Fill in the questionnaire on your smartphone
  2. Show the QR code to the medical staff who will evaluate your symptoms
  3. Scan your confirmation
  4. Prove yourself at the entrance to the hospital with a confirmation in the application

Where can I use this application?

From 27.4. test operation is underway at trial site 4 (building S) at the Fakultní nemocnici Královské Vinohrady in Prague

What happens to personal data?

Personal data is stored on your phone, no data is sent over the Internet. You submit the completed questionnaire with personal data using a QR code. The medical staff scans this code from the display of your smartphone, evaluates your symptoms, you scan the confirmation code and your data is immediately deleted from the medical staff's device.

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Smart Triage is a web application, there is no need to download or install anything. The questionnaire can be filled out right here, in a web browser. We recommend the latest version of Google Chrome for Android and Windows. If you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad), we recommend Safari. The application needs access to the camera to run.

Who is behind this application?

We are a team of students from the 2nd and 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and FIT CTU.

Project partners

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Fill in the questionnaire on your smartphone
and shorten the wait in the queue